Our Story


Wild Blue Adventures is owned and operated by Channel Islands Outfitter’s co-founder Garrett Kababik and wife Kaia Kababik.

Channel Islands Outfitters operated at Santa Cruz Island, Scorpion Ranch for 25 years and had one of the most experienced guide rosters in the National Park.

In 2016 a new Park Service management plan changed the way Scorpion kayak trips were to be operated and so we took a few years off to explore the Hawaiian Islands.

After exploring the tropics, both Kaia and Garrett found they were missing the abundant life of the temperate waters at the Channel Islands.

And so we returned to California to become the new owners of the Sunfish and Blue Ocean Kayaking.

Our Mission

It is our mission to get people of all ages connected to the ocean, to touch her, to splash in her, and to experience the creatures in her in hopes of establishing an adoration and respect that lasts for generations.

Wild Blue owners in New Zealand swimming with Hector Dolphins.

Wild Blue owners in New Zealand swimming with Hector Dolphins.

Kaia and Garrett also own and operate a Forest Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii called Ahu Lani Sanctuary. In Hawaiian culture living Mauka to Makai or Mountain to Ocean is part the sacred balance of life.

The Team


Kaia Kababik - #plasticfreeforthesea

As Executive Director of Save the Mermaids, a CA based non-profit that teaches children and adults about ways to improve ocean heath, Kaia is always sharing her deep base of ocean knowledge with guests and students. Kaia is also a world class equestrian, but you’d never guess that :)

Favorite Ocean Animal- Pinipeds
Favorite Land Animal- her Horses


Derek Dotson - Captain

Derek has been a captain at the Channel Islands for 15 years and is excellent at find whales and dolphins for us to visit on our crossing!


Tim Simes - Crew

Tim recently traded his farming tools for dock lines in his pursuit to be a boat captain. If you’re not careful, he’ll probably try and tell you pirate joke… and you guessed it, it ends with ARR!


Johnny Dresser - Lead Guide

Johnny is a fellow partner at Channel Islands Outfitters and has recently become a hobby beekeeper and sourdough baker. When he’s not making delish breads and sweet concoctions, you may find him practicing archery or riding horses.


Garrett Kababik - #hedoesnothaveahashtag

As CEO of Channel Islands Outfitters for 10 years, Garrett has turned his passion for all things ocean into his means of making a living. He also likes to boast that in 2009 he sold his Jeep to walk the Appalachian Trail (which took 6 months and covered 2180 miles).

Favorite Job as a College Student - Zamboni Driver
Best Advice from AT Experience - “don’t take anyone’s advice”


Cliff Albritton - Captain

When Cliff isn’t catching fish for dinner or making sushi for clients, you can find him driving the Channel Cat in Santa Barbara Harbor from the top deck.


Marc Zimmer - Guide

Zimmer, as he is called, is another East coast transplant from Connecticut. When he’s not giving out free high fives and thumbs up you can find him hiking the trails of SB with his many four legged friends.

The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.
— Jacques Cousteau