California’s ONLY… and best :) One-Way Kayak Tour

Trying to decide what island to visit and what tour to take?

If you are looking to kayak sea caves at the Channel Islands, we highly suggest you consider Anacapa Island.


Anacapa Island w/ wild blue

  • We launch directly from the boat onto your kayak. You can go barefoot and only get wet up to your knees.

  • We paddle in one direction, downwind, through arches and into sea caves, you’ll barely notice how far we paddle.

  • From Middle to East Anacapa we paddle near 50+ sea caves, many of which we can paddle into and through.

  • You’ll be paddling on tide pools where you can see all of the underwater marine life busy at living.

  • Less than 35 people at Anacapa Island on our tours.

Do I need a certain skill level to kayak?

No experience is necessary, but you MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM. We aren’t looking for Olympic athletes, but you must be comfortable floating in the water.

how difficult is the kayaking?

We cover about 4-5 miles in 2.5-3. We paddle down-wind and down-swell. The paddling isn’t typically very difficult but you will probably be a little tired when you get back to your car in the afternoon. This is why we recommend two-person (tandem) kayaks… it’s like twin engines! Children under 12 must kayak with an adult, and we try to avoid multiple children under 14 in the same kayak. If you select a single kayak, we may have to make a change to this if conditions are suitable for this option.

how do I prepare for the boat trip?

It takes us roughly 70 minutes to get to the island, depending on those pesky whale and dolphin sightings!

We highly recommend long pants and sweaters for the crossing. The Sunfish has a closed cabin, but the viewing is better outside. Dress in layers!

If you are prone to motion sickness, we suggest you take a medication 45 minutes prior to departure and avoid coffee, fatty foods that morning and alcohol the night before.

Can i bring adult beverages?

Yes, but you must wait until you are done with ALL water activities.

What do you provide?

We provide the boat trip across the channel, tandem or single kayaks, a professional guide, nylon paddle jacket, life jacket, and helmet. We do not provide lunch or snacks.

can we snorkel?

Yes, we provide snorkeling gear for you to hop in the water and explore the Kelp forests. You can request this as you leave the Sunfish, or snorkel when you return. Snorkeling is a secondary activity and is subject to the weather. Our primary focus is kayaking on this trip.

What should i bring?

Dress in Layers for the boat crossing. Bring a bathing suit, sun shirt, and towel.

Bring snacks you can kayak with, a lunch (plenty of room for coolers), and water.

If it floats you can bring it kayaking, make sure your camera has something that makes it float!

Should we bring a change of clothes?

Yes, bring something dry to put on after kayaking. We have changing areas and a hot shower to rinse off.

do we land on the island?

No, we cannot land on the island, this is a water adventure all day.

What is the minimum required to go?

We must have 8 passengers to launch a trip.