California’s ONLY… and best :) One-Way Kayak Tour

Trying to decide what island to visit and what tour to take?

If you are looking to kayak sea caves at the Channel Islands, we highly suggest you consider Anacapa Island.


Anacapa Island w/ wild blue

  • We launch directly from the boat onto your kayak. You can go barefoot and only get wet up to your knees.

  • We paddle in one direction, downwind, through arches and into sea caves, you’ll barely notice how far we paddle.

  • From Middle to East Anacapa we paddle near 50+ sea caves, many of which we can paddle into and through.

  • You’ll be paddling on tide pools where you can see all of the underwater marine life busy at living.

  • Less than 35 people at Anacapa Island on our tours.

Do I need a certain skill level to kayak?

No experience is necessary, but you MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM.

Will we go through caves?

Yes, many caves! The island of Anacapa has over 100 sea caves. We won’t be seeing all of those, but we’ll explore the volcanic shoreline of the island tucking into coves with hidden archways along our paddle.

Do you provide lunch?

We do not provide lunch. You need to bring lunch and you can leave it in a cooler on board the Sunfish.

How long is the crossing?

1 hour from the harbor mouth. We may encounter whales and dolphins and this may slow us down a little :)

Can i bring adult beverages?

Yes, but you must wait until you are done with ALL water activities.

How long is the actual time you are kayaking?

You will be paddling on a down hill, easy paddle, stopping along the way to take in sights and go thru caves. It is about 3 hours of paddling.

can we snorkel?

Yes, we provide snorkeling gear for you to hop in the water and explore the Kelp forests. You can rent a wet suit for $15 (advanced reservations required).

What should I wear?

Dress in warm clothing for the boat ride across to Anacapa. We suggest long pants and a sweater. Bring a towel and blanket for extra warmth if it is cloudy.

Bathing suit and a rash guard/ sun shirt is recommended for kayaking. You may go barefoot or wear sandals/water shoes.

How many people will be on the boat?

We max our groups out at 40 people on the boat. You will be in small groups of 8 per guide. If your group is larger than 8, you will have 2 guides, or 1 guide per 8 people. We split the groups up so that you can have an intimate experience learning about the island and not waiting to enter sea caves.

Should we bring a change of clothes?

Yes, bring something dry to put on after kayaking. We have changing areas and a hot shower to rinse off.

do we land on the island?

No, we cannot land on the island, this is a water adventure all day.

What is the minimum required to go?

We must have 8 passengers to launch a trip.