Frequently asked questions about Blue Ocean Kayaking tours

What is the itinerary for the day?

All times are approximate EXCEPT initial arrival...
· 8:15am - Arrive for check-in
· 8:30am - The Kayak Guide will do an instructional briefing on the lawn.
· 9:00am - Board the Sunfish Boat and set out to Anacapa Island
· 10:15am - Arrive at Anacapa (we will equip you with your paddle, helmet, life vest and helmet)
NOTE: Kayak tour for 2 to 3 hours (slow paddling as you follow the guide)
· 1:30pm - Return back to boat after tour (have lunch on board while heading back home to dock)
· 2:30-3:00pm - Arrive back at dock

Do I need a certain skill level to kayak?

No, we take people from basic to advanced on our kayak tours.

Will we go through caves?

We offer two tours front side (North sid: caves, kelp forests and sea lion rookeries. Back side (south side) of the Island offers more beautiful wildlife, blow holes and lots of water spouts and seal rookeries.

We aim for the front side of the Island. If the weather conditions are not suitable as we are traveling to the Island we will go to the back side.

What side of the Island will we go to on our tour?

Is there a weight limit?

There is a limit of no more than 250 lbs per kayaker & 425 lbs total per kayak.

Does Blue Ocean Kayaking provide food or drinks?

No, you should bring your own lunch and drinks in a carry-on cooler or bag. You can eat your lunch on the way back home after kayaking. We have a refrigerator on board the Sunfish boat you can use . You can bring a bottle of water in your kayak while you are kayaking if you would like. The rest of your belongings stay on the boat in the storage area and will be waiting for you when you get back from kayaking. Plan on eating lunch after the tour ends, which is usually around 2:00pm.

How long is the actual time you are kayaking?

You will be paddling on a down hill, easy paddle, stopping along the way to take in sights and go thru caves. It is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, the Sunfish boat follows alongside so if you ever wish not to finish the tour you can go back to the boat at anytime.

How long is the boat ride to Anacapa?

We leave at 9:00am and arrive at Anacapa around 10:15am then we outfit you with your kayak, paddle, helmet and life vest.

Bring a lite jacket to wear during the morning boat trip out to the Island. For Kayaking loose fitting clothes such as tank top and shorts. No need for wet suits. You will not be getting into the kayak from the water you will be stepping into the kayak from the boat.

What should I wear?

What about shoes?

You must wear water shoes while kayaking. Strap on sandals are acceptable

Should we bring a change of clothes?

We recommend you do. You will keep your items and your clothing on the boat while you are kayaking and there is a changing room onboard the Sunfish.

Is swimming or walking on Anacapa Island part of the tour?

No, this is only a kayaking tour you will not be getting out of the kayak during the tour. Where we kayak there is no place to get onto the Island.

We run on Saturdays and Sundays, but if we have enough on a weekday then we can go out too. We can run if we have at least 10 reservations on Saturday and Sunday and 40 reservations Monday-Friday. Our Season is May thru Novembr for public tours and all year around if you wish to charter the Sunfish for a large group. We can hold up to 48 Kayakers.

What days of the week do the tours operate, What is the minimum?

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