The Sunfish drops you off up wind and up current and picks you up on the other side of the Anacapa Arch.


Tour Details

  • Meet @ 8:30am in Channel Islands Harbor for 9am departure.

  • 1 hour crossing, dependent on pesky whale and dolphin sightings :)

  • Kayak 4.5 miles in single or tandem kayaks for 2.5-3 hours

  • 40+ sea caves and arches

  • Snorkel gear provided when done with trip

  • Changing room and warm shower onboard

  • Arrive back around 4pm

Price: $199/person

$10 off per person 6-12 guests
$20 off per person 13-28 guests
$30 off per person for 29+ guests

*Military and First Responders (Fire, Police, Lifeguards, EMS) save $10/person

Trips Includes: Sunfish channel crossing, tandem-two person kayak (you can book a single for $25 additional), helmet, life jacket, paddle, backrest.

Trips Meet and Depart from:

Channel Islands Sportfishing (CISCOS)
4151 S Victoria Ave
Oxnard, CA 93035

Blue Whale ‘fluking’ off of Anacapa Island on June 9, 2019

Blue Whale ‘fluking’ off of Anacapa Island on June 9, 2019

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Our trip across the Santa Barbara Channel almost always includes dolphins and very often include whales.

say hello to tailwinds

We up you in up wind and you paddle about 4 miles downwind and down current.

Your kayaking Chariot

The Sunfish is specially designed for kayak launching and loading at the Channel Islands.

With kayaks easily carried on racks overhead, you won’t have to worry about being in the way during launching and loading. The swim platform off the stern of the Sunfish is spacious and perfect for getting on and off of kayaks from the vessel without too much work!

Cathedral Arch and Tunnel

Sea Caves and arches

The caves at Anacapa are unlike any other in the world, and this kayaking trip is also unique.

We paddle THROUGH much of East and Middle Anacapa Island. Arches and tunnels weave through volcanic rock and take us from point A to point B under the island.


Cathedral Arch and Tunnel system is a deep fault cave that winds through points of the island and exits into a shallow cove full of kelp and eel grass and leopard sharks.


Kayaking into Sea Caves

Your guide is trained and has many of years of experience so that you can paddle into sea caves knowing with ease. Some of these caves are only accessible at low tide, and vise versa.

We require you to wear helmets so that if you bonk your head on the rock ceiling you won’t have a bruiser. Lights are necessary in many of the caves, but your guide will have a light for those that require some extra illumination.

There are 100+ sea caves on Anacapa Island, and you’ll get to experience a bulk of those, weather depending of course.

June- october

We operate our sea cave tours during the most calm months of the year. More moderate wind and wave conditions arrive in early June and stick around until late September. Southern storms can arrive in late summer, but these generally only bring swell.

Channel Islands National Park

Anacapa Island

Lurking Serpent

Anacapa is the only island to retain it’s Chumash nomenclature, “Eenapah” meant “island of illusion”. This was due to the inversion layer of atmosphere that sits near the horizon some days and makes the island look much larger than it is. To us it looks more like a lurking serpent out on the Channel on clear days. Either way, the island is mysterious and has an interesting history.

Chumash Camp

Anacapa doesn’t have fresh water and therefor the Chumash didn’t make permanent settlements there. However, there are very large “middens” or trash piles of shells and such that suggest that the Chumash did in fact camp there when making their trade journeys to the mainland.

Navigation hazard

The Chumash most likely used Anacapa as a navigational aid and resting point while traveling, however, the mysterious rock has met it’s share of unintended visitors, including the 300+ people aboard the Winfield Scott in 1953 when it went aground at Middle Anacapa.

USCG Lighthouse

In 1932 the Anacapa lighthouse was completed on the Eastern island, almost 20 years after it was begun. This light has been keeping sailors from meeting similar fates of the Winfield Scott since that time.

National Park and Marine Sanctuary

In 1980 congress signed into law the Channel Islands National Park which included Anacapa and Santa Barbara Islands. It also established Marine Sanctuaries around both islands. 23 years later, in 2003, 13 marine protected areas were established, including the Anacapa Marine Reserve with more protection and enforcement.

This protection has allowed fish species to rebound in diversity and density. Kayaking and snorkeling in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is a profound example of how this protection has been effective and is important for overall ocean health.

All of the kayaking and snorkeling on our tours takes place in MPAs so you’ll get to see for yourself!


Volcanic Rock


20 million years ago a collision between oceanic and continental plates resulted in magma bursting from the earths crust and forming a volcanic ridge of rock that, over time, has become the Channel Islands.

This volcanic rock has many faults or weaknesses where erosion is more prevalent. Wind and waves have carved these caves and created some very interesting formations that we can paddle our kayaks through and over.

Anacapa is only 1 square mile, roughly the same size as Santa Barbara Island, yet is has just as many caves as Santa Cruz Island which is 100 times the size.



  • Up to 40 people on our guided kayaking trip.

  • All gear included, just show up and go!

  • Lunch options available (additional cost)

  • We can modify our schedule to fit yours if you have the entire boat.

  • Excellent for ages 9+

  • Kayak AND Snorkel all in the same day without having to wait around for ferries!

  • Our guides will share their knowledge and passion about the ocean and the area, making this an educational adventure!


bsa troops, Boy scouts, girl scouts, churches

The perfect day activity for Southern California Boy Scout Troops. We can modify our boat schedule to match your schedule if you are on a private trip.

junior guards

We can specialize our itinerary and plan to fit your groups needs. Fit boards on the Sunfish and do some paddle boarding also.


Let Wild Blue transform your field trips into a journey that everyone will be talking about! We always add an educational component to your adventure so this is the perfect experiential learning experience.


$5,000 for up to 40 people mid week
for up to 40 people Friday-Sunday