Summer adventure awaits. Space is limited. See availability and details below.

Please note and be aware you must be flexible in your date, Tours are subject to cancellation and will be cancelled 10 days before or within 8 hour notice due to less than 30 tickets sold or weather conditions. Kayaks hold two people in one kayak and tickets are sold one person per ticket not per kayak.


Here is some information about the trip: 

All times are approximate EXCEPT initial arrival...
· 8:00-8:15am - Arrive for check-in
· 8:30am - The Kayak Guide will do an instructional briefing
· 9:00am - Board the Sunfish Boat and set out to Anacapa Island. Allow plenty of time to arrive, we cannot wait for you if your late.
· Approx 10:15am - Arrive at Anacapa
NOTE: Kayak tour for 2 1/2 to 3 hours
· 2:00pm - Return back to boat after tour
· Approx-4:00pm - Arrive back at dock

  • We do not sell anything on the Boat: You should bring your own lunch and drinks in a carry-on cooler or bag. You can eat your lunch on the way back home after kayaking. We have a refrigerator on board the Sunfish boat you can use. You can bring a bottle of water in your kayak while you are kayaking if you would like. The rest of your belongings stay on the boat in the storage area and will be waiting for you when you get back from kayaking. Plan on eating lunch after the tour ends, which is usually around 2:00pm.
  • Bring a light jacket to wear during the morning boat trip out to the Island. For Kayaking loose fitting clothes such as tank top and shorts. No need for wet suits. You will not be getting into the kayak from the water you will be stepping into the kayak from the boat.
  • You must wear water shoes while kayaking. Strap on sandals are acceptable, tennis shoes are fine as long as you dont mind them getting wet. do not wear flip flops they can slip off your feet.
  • We recommend you bring a change of clothes. You will keep your items and your clothing on the boat while you are kayaking and there is a changing room onboard the Sunfish.
  • Kayaking Only Tour, this is only a kayaking tour you will not be getting out of the kayak during the tour. Where we kayak there is no place to get onto the Island.
  • Please note , Tours are subject to cancellation within  an  8 hour notice due to less than 20 tickets sold or weather conditions.
  • By booking you understand  and agree  the Tickets are non-refundable .   Your ticket can be  moved one time to another day if more than 7 days’ notice is given before scheduled tour. If notified less than 7 days customer forfeits ticket or they can give their tickets to someone else and let us know before the scheduled tour they are replacing themselves in their absence contact at : kayaktour1@gmail.com  if you fall ill or experience an accident  before  the tour and are within the 7 day time period you can rebook one more time  for an additional 100.00 per ticket . You can contact us at kayaktour1@gmail.com let us know. When you book your ticket we redeem your voucher and  consider as service rendered when you book the tour. We will then hold your place so no one else can take your spot as we have limited spots.