“Top 10 things to do in Southern California” - LA Times

“Bucket-List Adventure” - Santa Barbara News Press

”Unlike anything I expected!” - Trip Advisor

Get ready for one of the most unbelievable journeys in the world kayaking through sea caves and arches in the Channel Islands National Park.


Transportation included on our very own boat, the Sunfish.


Your day begins with a 60 minute crossing to Anacapa Island, a serpent looking island chain only 14 miles from the coast of California. Along the way we have the chance to encounter sea lions, dolphins, whales, and possibly turtles (late summer). Once we arrive at the island, you will be shocked with the shear wilderness you have just entered in an only 1 hour journey.

Whale and dolphin crossing

We’ll pass out gear, assign you your guide, and you’ll step onto your kayak from our specially designed kayak launching platform on the back deck. Now that you are on the water, you’ll paddle easily “one-way” through the sea caves and arches of the middle and East islands of Anacapa Island. We say “one-way” because this is the only downwind kayak tour option in the Channel Islands National Park. We put you in the water upwind and you’ll paddle with the wind at your back to where the boat picks you up.

nylon paddle jackets provided

We won’t spoil the kayaking trip, but suffice to say you’ll wonder if you’re still in California because it’s not like any other geological feature in the state. Picture lava rock sea caves rich with iron red colors and the white of bird guano and you’re getting closer. There are over 100 sea caves on the 4 mile paddle we take you on.


3.5 HR - 4.5 MI Guided Kayak Tour

Our group sizes are small, we keep you with 1 guide for every 8 people. Each guide is trained to lead you through the caves and teach you about the island and wildlife. We encourage you to bring your camera and take pictures, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to view wildlife and paddle through enormous cave/tunnel systems.

Paddle over tide pools

After 3 hours or so, we’ll arrive back at the Sunfish where you can disembark your kayak and go for a quick snorkel if you’d like. We provide mask, snorkel, and fins for you to explore the kelp forest.

Once back onboard the Sunfish, you can enjoy your lunch, take a hot shower, and get into dry clothing for the ride home. We aim to be back in the harbor at 3pm, a perfect day at one of the most remote day trips in Southern California!